Industrial automation and IoT

Industries now and in future will be vastly more automated, and connected by Internet of Things (IoT). These advanced technologies will increase the ease of business decision making, performance, efficiency, production, design innovation, safety, security, and remote communication, etc. while decreasing operating costs.

Smart Buildings

Building automation is well-established, but many industrial companies are lagging behind. Is your factory or industrial building ‘smart’ with the following automated features?

Networked sensors:

Networked actuators:

Industrial Internet of Things

IoT takes industrial automation to a whole new level. Some of the benefits and things you can do with industrial automation and IoT and are:

Beyond the buildings

You can network your transport system and vehicles into your IoT. Even automate vehicles, like they do on broadacre crop farms. This can lead to increased efficiency, security and saving of time and money.

Environmental monitoring

A lot of business and industry relies on external environmental conditions. Moreover some businesses specialise in providing environmental monitoring, assessment and solutions. Automation and IoT add a never-before seen power to accomplish these goals.

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